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Legally certified templates
Made in minutes

Simplify your processes, empower your teams to get more done, and better serve your customers.

Sophisticated, but not complicated


Auto-magic doc creation

Document automation is about as straightforward as it sounds, automating the process of creating various types of documents, at scale. Besides being a huge time saver, it ensures that documents are always accurate, properly formatted, and most importantly, legal.


Hundreds of templates

Document automation works by pulling data and text from a variety of sources and inserting it into predefined areas of document templates. These templates can include anything from simple text blocks to more sophisticated elements such as tables, graphs, and images. Give it a go!


Legally certified templates

All of our document templates are legally certified by our law firm partner Abbott & Mourly. You can rest assured that by using the LightYear Docs templates, your documents are legally endorsed now and in the future. You can also request additional review direct from your document.

We know how
to go with the flow

Sign in anywhere

Use our LY Surge App or sign in online to access our document suite, the support team, member benefits and all the helpful tools.


Select your template

Create your folder, select your template, read about your template, view a sample and then launch the interview! It’s that simple. 


Complete the interview

By going through the interview process, you will populate the data. When done, click assemble to end the interview process.


Do more with your document

You can then move, share, rename, order hard copies, request additional legal review and much more direct from your My Documents page. 


Helping companies
get s#*t done.

At LightYear Docs, we’re constantly evolving and creating the latest in templates and documents that our clients need.

That’s why we are trusted by some of the country’s most repected brands to deliver quality legal templates that make business easier.


Get started with LightYear Docs today​

Automate the manual process of document preparation, deliver solutions quicker to your clients, and go from idea to client-ready documents - Talk to sales today.

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