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Experience matters

We are backed by decades of experience and in partnership with leading Australian law firm, Abbott & Mourly.

We are powered by legal firm, Abbott & Mourly, who create, refine and certify our documents

Abbott & Mourly is a leading boutique law firm specialising in SMSF, Asset Protection, Succession Planning and Estate Planning.

LightYear Docs Branding.jpg

You can be certain our
templates are up to date and incorporate legal changes in real time

We review all documents on an ongoing basis and provide dedicated legal and technical support.

Professional legal certification is all part of the package


Legal sign off

Don’t waste time printing and scanning documents that someone has to sign. Simply, assign them to the right person, get them e-signed, and have them sent back to you.


Legally binding

Have the peace of mind that only legal documents can offer. All of our temaplates are legally binding and are recognised by the Australian laws.

Get started with LightYear Docs today​

Automate the manual process of document preparation, deliver solutions quicker to your clients, and go from idea to client-ready documents - Talk to sales today.

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