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Michael Jeffriess, our Group CEO, shares his exclusive story of returning from a cardiac arrest in a recent real-life case study.

"I was clinically dead for 20 minutes," Michael reveals as he recounts the harrowing experience following a seemingly ordinary evening celebrating his daughter's 16th birthday at Teppanyaki in Robina. Little did he know that this night would take a terrifying turn.

After returning home, Michael went to sleep, only to be abruptly awakened by his wife, who, fortunately, works in cardiology. She recognised his agonal breathing, a sign of distress, and immediately sprang into action. Rolling him off the bed, she called paramedics and commenced CPR for a gruelling 13 minutes to keep him alive until professional help arrived. The paramedics shocked him, successfully reviving him. The entire ordeal unfolded while his two children witnessed the traumatic scene, though he has no memory of it.

Michael was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital and later transferred to Gold Coast Private Hospital for expedited MRI scans of his brain and heart. However, another major cardiac arrest occurred upon arrival, leading to his resuscitation yet again, Michael has no recollection of these critical moments.

Upon regaining consciousness after CPR, Michael found himself surrounded by 14 medical professionals who had worked tirelessly to save his life—an unforgettable moment for him. Following numerous tests and cardiac surgery, he is now successfully on the road to recovery.

The significance of this experience has prompted Michael to advocate for widespread CPR knowledge and the installation of defibrillators in various settings, emphasising the potential to save lives.

Expressing gratitude towards paramedics and the healthcare system, Michael underscores the importance of cherishing loved ones. He acknowledges the pivotal role his wife played in saving his life, leaving him indebted.

Having undergone rest and recovery, Michael emerges stronger, vowing to make lifestyle changes and prioritise time with loved ones, acknowledging the fragility and brevity of life.

The personal reflection has led Michael to reevaluate his preparedness and inspired him to share valuable insights in an exclusive webinar on February 29th at 12:30pm AEDT (register here). The webinar will explore into Michael's real-life case study, offering guidance on essential preparations for clients in 2024, including wills, EPOAs, advanced health care directives, successor director solutions, asset protection, family directions, business directions, and more. The goal is to empower others to be ready for unforeseen circumstances and provide assistance when needed with the help of professionals.

In honor of Michael Jeffriess, and in support of both the Heart Foundation and the Shane Warne Legacy, we have launched heart month this February to potentially save lives for those facing similar situations. To deepen your understanding of Succession and Asset Protection, Grant Abbott offers a variety of educational courses, including the comprehensive 3-day Succession, Asset Protection, and Estate Planning Course, as well as several half-day courses (view here) $5 from every course registration will be contributed to the Heart Foundation as well the opportunity to win hats from the Shane Warne Legacy, learn and make a difference!

Join this exclusive webinar and if you aren’t yet a member, look into booking a demo to view our platform to ensure you have the right legal documents in place.

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Dear Michael


Thank you for sharing. I only had bypass surgery and a staf infection after that. Not as dramatic as you. Very thankful that we have great doctors, nurses and hospitals.

Remembering your past Light Year presentations, clearly you overdid your enthusiasm which would have led to excess stress and the cardiac arrests.

I was skiing for the last 2 weeks in France to stop this happening to me.

Glad to hear that you are still with us

Peter Vickers

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