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This is the Greatest Advising Specialisation Ever and beyond SMSFs

It’s coming up to 30 June and we are all so busy working crazy hours on client issues but relief is around the corner. It’s Accountants and Planners NYE on 30 June so it will be time to grab a beer, G&T or red wine and reflect on the last year or two. There is a lot going on and a lot coming up.

I helped to start the modern SMSF industry proper with the first-ever SMSF video in 1995 when I was working at Rothschild Funds Management. I worked hard, came up with lots of strategies, was at the forefront of the hundreds of legal and regulatory changes that have been made to SMSFs since 1994. The industry grew and then exploded in 2007 when tax-free super post age 60 made SMSFs the tax place to be. BUT SMSFs were always weak in terms of families but with the six-member SMSF rule now in play from 1 July 2021, the true Family SMSF is now a real option. If you have your own SMSF or clients with a SMSF then you may want to watch this training video – hot off the press, on building a Family SMSF – the benefits, negatives, administration, membership and much more. See the video here:

Some of the terms and strategies you will be using over the next ten years, and remember you heard them hear first are:

  • Family lineage, blood relatives super funds

  • Living SMSF Will

  • SMSF Will

  • Leading Member SMSF

  • Specialist superannuation EPOA

  • Family SMSF Group insurances

  • Separate and member class investment strategies

  • Contributions and tax plays with multi-member superfund

But enough about SMSFs as they are not where the real specialist advising action is. It is a part of the picture but not a necessary requirement in what I tell everyone is the greatest specialist advising opportunity that I have ever seen. To tell the truth, SMSFs have been great to me and always will be, they were the first real advising love of my life. But on a scale of opportunity, meaning growth – personal satisfaction – pride and personal wealth, it is a 3 out of ten compared to succession, asset protection and estate planning advising.

How do I know?

Every day I sit with accountants, planners and their clients building a range of family wealth protection structures that clients genuinely love. You can see it when their eyes light up and their motivation gets going. There is no one size all structure but I have nutted it down to the optimal family wealth protection and business structure that delivers solutions for asset protection, estate planning outside the estate and family provisions claims, litigation and much more. We have more than 50 accountants and planners coming to Australia’s first-ever Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Adviser Accreditation (SAPEPAA) for three days 19 – 21 July 2021. This cohort of advisers will be a new breed working to protect more than $7 trillion of family wealth owned by Australian families. It is hard enough to make it so it needs protection. If you would like to know more about the course, which I am building as we speak, click on the link below and watch the video and really take the time to consider the investment in your personal and professional life and the benefit you can give to your clients.

To find out more about the Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Advisers Course contact

Finally, I have been blessed to be at the start of one great industry – SMSFs and help pioneer it now I have another. I feel like one of the luckiest professionals in the world.


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