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Over 1,000 business, just like you, use LightYear Docs to simplify and streamline their business (while doing a briliant job for their customers!)

Are you ready to
discover what LightYear
Docs can do for you?

Saying yes is just the beginning. One of our team will be in touch shortly to arrange your live demo, but in the meantime, watch this awesome clip to see how easy it is to create compliant and professional documents.


You’ll be joining a trusted
pod of valued partners

Our clients are our partners. Why? Because they drive everything we do. We’re committed to providing the very latest and most up to date legal templates and documents, so if you need something we don’t offer, simply contact our team.


Get started with LightYear Docs today​

Automate the manual process of document preparation, deliver solutions quicker to your clients, and go from idea to client-ready documents - Talk to sales today.

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